Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween everyone! I hope your Halloween has been such a blast like ours up here! We had our wards trunk or treating yesterday party and it was HILARIOUS!! As you know Me and Preston were Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas but we needed a third member to make the whole group..........WELL we found him! OUR DAD!! HAHAHA!! I know so funny huh! So we got our dad to be Kevin Jonas the oldest of the group. :D! So here we are dressed all fancy looking and we get out of the car and walk towards the party. There was a group of little girls about 11 or 12 and they start SQUEALING and SCREAMING AHHHHH THE JONAS BROTHERS!! IT WAS SOOOO FUNNY!!! We all laughed hysterically. We truly felt somewhat like the Jonas Brothers HAHAHA!! Through the whole night everyone was looking at us and loving our costumes! They also wanted us to sing a song but we figure out ahead of time that we would just say that our agent won't let us sing. It was so funny though everyone just absolutely LOVED OUR COSTUMES! And we had people wanting pictures left and right. I at least felt like a true Jonas Brother :D!!!

In other news our pumpkins are ssssWWEEEettt! It took lots of work but we got them all to look AWESOME! We had Mario and Luigi a Pokemon Ball and Lightning McQueen. We thought the little babies would like that one the best! It has been a SPOOKY STUNNING and SWEET Halloween! LOVED IT!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Party like a Rockstar!

Yes I am the BIG 1 8 since the 27th I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! It actually happened. It was a great one though! We did so much it was a great 18th birthday, definitely one to remember. The funniest thing was the blowing of the candles :D Yes there is one candle left on the cake HAHAHA!! But that was only because I was laughin so hard at the 5 seconds of singing. The "candles" were starting to go out and so everyone sang the Birthday Song as fast as they could and then I had to blow them out really fast but I was laughing as I was blowing so it wasn't a very great blow HAHAHA!! Also for my birthday we went to the zoo and that was A BLAST I loved it! The pumpkin patch was also lots of fun! We carved them today and got them all beautified for Halloween!

Don't worry I will get pictures up of them on Halloween! It was great to have everyone call and wish me a Happy Birthday THANKS!! Some other things we did on that GREAT DAY was we went to my favorite all you can eat Chinese restaurant YUM YUM! After that we went to the High School Musical 3 show and that was the best show! I didn't know if it was gonna be corny or something like that but it really was a good one I loved it and so did everyone else! We can't stop singing the songs :)!!! What I got for presents was my SWEET Converse Classics they are so awesome and I got 2 cd's the High School Musical 3 soundtrack and one from Alex Boye. I also got the DVD National Treasure 2. It was a wonderful 18th birthday! Watch out because now I can order stuff off the T.V. ;)! Oh and don't worry I partied like a rockstar!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


What an AMAZING day did we have yesterday! The Oklahoma City Zoo was the perfect place to celebrate my Big 18th birthday. It was so much fun and I couldn't wait to see all the different and interesting animals that was at this zoo. I have been to zoo's before but have never seen animals that were at this zoo! The first stop on our zoo day was to go see the baby snow leopards. But on the way there we saw some animals too. Pigmy hippoes and rhinoes to be exact.
We went along some trails through the bamboo and came to a lake since we were there we just had to feed the ducks and geese! Finally we came to what we have been searching for, THE SNOW LEOPARDS!!! It was soooo cute! But we had to press on if we were going to see the rest of the zoo. We started down another trail hoping we would end up where we wanted to. On this bamboo trail we were right by a tiger enclosure so we felt like we were in the Jungle hiding from the tiger hoping that it doesn't get us. On a side note they had some metal sculptures all over the place and since we were at the Big Cats we took a picture with the Big Cat Sculpture.Our next destination was the swan paddle boats and the animal show. Of course we saw some other fascinating animals on the way there!A Red Panda(awesome),Meerkats(hilarious and cute), and an Ant-Eater(very interesting). We finally arrived at the Swan boats and our boats name was Carmikle! We set off on our water adventure just Carmikle, me, kev, and preston. Konner didn't get on because he was feeling sick. It was now time for the Animal Show. I was SO EXCITED! We saw some talking birds that were HILARIOUS! They would dance and do animal sounds and one of the birds could even say and boy and a girl "Hello" it was so funny!!! Then the Mystery show started and the main character was a sea lion called "Double O Sea Lion" He could cover his eyes with his fin, clap, poke his head through a window it was SO FUNNY! I loved the show it was one of my favorites there!

We saw many other animals that I have never seen before they fascinated us all!
I had to see some monkeys before we left and they were cool! They would do things that you never thought they would. They would look through the window at all the people and put there hand up so they could make a shadow to see through the window they were so awesome and they are SO SMART! It was a FANTASTIC day at the zoo and we all didn't want to leave. That was a great Birthday celebration,

we all enjoyed it TONS!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lonas Jonas

Halloween is just weeks away. Costume finding is a MUST!!! Having no idea what to be I started thinking and thinking, and GUESS WHAT.......nothing came. I was watchin the telly when there it was. What I was going to be for Halloween was right there infront of me! The Jonas Brothers!! I had no idea what to get for them so I got to looking on the computer. Google can serve your everyday needs and so I searched for Jonas Brother attire. I was wanting to be Joe Jonas the middle one age 18 so I narrowed my search to just him. I found vests and v necks, tie's and scarfs, and yes even skinny pants! I knew I had to get skinny pants to absolutely make my costume look like Joe Jonas. Since Joe Jonas had a younger brother I thought why not Preston can be the younger brother. We would have had my older brother Andrew be the Oldest Jonas but he is not here. We are still lookin for a costume for Preston but after a hard search we found my costume yesterday. With microphone in hand I am ready to sing anything!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


8 t.v. shows that rock!

1. The Hills
2. Making the Band
3. America's best dance crew
4. Dirty Jobs
5. Man vs. Wild
7. High school Musical Get in the Picture
8. Real World

8 favorite restaurants

1.New China
2.Olive Garden
3.Panda Express
5.Fats Jacks Pizza(Roys pizza now)
7.Eskimo Joes
8.Los Amigos

8 random happenings

1. Had a dream about me being in Hogwarts
2. Got called Andrew..MORE THAN ONCE!
3. Watched "Muffins"
4. Sculpted Play Dough
5. Put on my shirt BACKWARDS
6. Went to Early morning seminary when we didn't have it!
7. Beat Konner and Kevin on the Mario Kart Wii game
8. Ate a Candy Bar

8 things I am looking forward too

1.My 18th Birthday
5.Going back to Utah to PARTY with fam and friends
6.UEA Break
7. Seeing my Bro Cam's new baby girl
8. Weekends

8 things I want for my birthday

1. A jeep or truck
2. A four wheeler
3. A snowboard
4. Gas money for a year( HAHA)
5. Birthday dollars YAY ;)
6. D'lites
7. Presents
8. New Volleyball and Net

Saturday, October 4, 2008


If you haven't heard I(TYLER) am in the October 2008 New Era!! I KNOW IT IS WICKED SWEET!! It was such a surprise cuz it has been about 3 years since I sent in my story in. Well lets start off at the first....sound good? K!

It was about mid afternoon and the fam was getting ready to go bowling. Just before we left the mail came and in it was the newest New Era. I went over to it and the topic for this months issue was "You can stand strong". Then I said to myself,"Self, this is the issue that my story is going to be in". Ok I didn't really say self but I did say to myself that this is the issue that my story HAS TO BE IN!! Soon after I put it back down on the table and gave up hope because it has been SO LONG! I had given up a while back because of how long it has been. Well Preston(my little bro) wanted to look in it and see for himself if my story was in there so he brought it along on our way to the bowling alley. Looking through it and not finding anything with my picture in it he said to me,"Sorry Tyler your story isn't in here". I was devastated ONCE AGAIN! I think I have heard that so many times from lookin in all the past New Era's. Wanting to see for myself I looked as well through it. I started from page one and turned and turned through the Prophets message then right after the prophets message I saw a picture of a boy raising his hand and he was the only one out of the group that was. Quickly realizing that that is what my story is about I looked straight at the name of who wrote the story. And there it was MY NAME WAS ON THE PAGE!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. IT WAS MY STORY!! I was SO EXCITED, I don't think words can describe that moment in time.
Wanting to do a dance...... I DID!! HAHA!!! It was SO AWESOME TO SEE MY STORY RIGHT THERE IN THE NEW ERA!!

After getting past the shock I got I quickly showed my mom and everyone else who was in the car. Smiles and Laughs and Hollars of Joy FILLED THE AIR! They were all excited as I was....well almost! For the rest of that day my life was complete. Everything was going my way. It was like nothing could touch me HAHAHA!! It is a great article in the New Era so if you have the chance DEFINITELY READ IT!!