Sunday, December 28, 2008

Family Christmas Party

Our Clark Family Christmas Party was GREAT!! This year it was at my sister Shannon's house. For starters we ate delicious steak burritos. They were so good I would have ate tons if I didn't get full! After we ate we sang Christmas Carols while my brother in law Parris played the guitar for us! Then came the good part, OPENING GIFTS!! A quick funny story that happened, Karlee my sister Tawnie's little girl, we got her a dress and when she opened it up and saw what it was she just had to put it on right then and there! So she started strippin it was like there was the song,"I'm to sexy for my shirt to sexy for my shirt so sexy it hurts", going on in the background HAHAHA it was truly HILARIOUS!!!
We all had a blast! Being all together was wonderful I can't wait for the next family get together!

Ya its Christmas time pretty BABEH!!

CHRISTMAS TIME WOOP WOOP!!!! The great old Elvis song is ringin in my noggin! Ya its Christmas time pretty babeh and the snow is falling on the ground...! :D I just love Christmas! And especially getting all the decorations out and getting the lights and the tree all fancy! I LOVE IT!!!! I was lucky this year I got to decorate my Grandparents house and our house in Oklahoma! So I got double duty. This year we here in Oklahoma got a REAL TREE!!! We rarely ever get a real one so this year was special. We got to decorate a real tree and a little fake tree this year it was great! The Christmas day started out as usual with us waking up to Christmas music put on in the background and I was the only one up at 6 but didn't dare wake up anyone tell 8 rolled around! Then we all went out to the front room and found the pile with our stocking on it! We all got awesome presents! One of the things I got was missionary luggage since I am going on my mission next year AHHH!! We all got great stuff! And don't worry Tawnie we got the mistletoe that you gave me out too WOOHOO!! HAHAHA!! It was a nice Christmas even though it was 75 degrees here in Oklahoma! I KNOW WEIRD!! We could go outside on Christmas day without a coat and with shorts on not pants! INSANO!! Also for Christmas we went to Dolly Partons Dixie Stampede which was SO TOTALLY WICKED!!! I absolutely loved it! It was so much fun! They had sides(North Pole, South Pole) we were north pole but we lost in the games between sides BUMMER!! But it was tons of fun and the food was DELICIOUS!! If you ever get the chance to go you will love it! Christmas was FANTASTIC MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

House Remodeling

Hello Hello!
Well the house is coming together more and more each week! Our latest work has been the pantry and the kitchen. It looks FANTASTIC so far! The pantry is BIG!! I think it looks great, and we have a bunch of space in it for all of our goods YUM YUM!!! We have painted A TON!! I don't think I want to see another paint can in my life. Ok that will never happen but that is how I feel! Anyways everything is looking GREAT!!