Monday, January 11, 2010

One farewell down one more to go!

What a day yesterday was. It was COMPLETELY FILLED! And I have to say that i didn't pass out from being so nervous. ;) The day started out kinda slow with me waking up to the noises of the family upstairs, plus it was so bright so i decided to roll off of the three couch cushions on floor and wake up. I slowly made a bear crawl up the stairs and welcomed the world.....well kinda. The first thing i thought about when i woke up was HOLY COW I AM HUNGRY!! HAHAHA then i went to thinkin about my talk and how i need to go over it again and make sure everything is in tip top shape! And it was except for a few thoughts that came to me! Thanks to the Spirit a lot of praying and TONS of help the big man upstairs my talk was ready. The clock rolled around to 12:30 and it was time for me to get ready cuz church started at one. I was very excited to get into my new suit, shirt, tie and shoes! I think i looked pretty dashing if i do say so myself! Then it was off to church in the freezing weather that i have to somehow get used to for Boston?! Classes went by and things were said but truly what was on my mind was me having to give a 15 minute talk in sacrament meeting! HOW WAS I GOING TO DO THAT? I think the longest talk i have given is about 5 minutes and maybe not even that! Well it was sacrament meeting time. As i got closer and closer to the chapel the nerves started to come on! Then i walked up to my chair and right then and there i took a glance at the crowd. I saw all my friends, and family, well some of them since i am speaking twice, and then there was everyone else. The ward had doubled. It went from a usual 140 people to 290 people. I was just SO EXCITED about all the great people i have in my life and the great support they are to me! Well the two speakers went and then there was a song before i spoke. The verses seemed to not go long enough! Then the last verse came and i think i almost peed my pants! My heart was beating out of my chest and i was feeling VERY NERVOUS!! But i couldn't let them see that i was nervous and about to pass out so i got up and told them how nervous i was :D! Then i started my talk! As the i started talking and saying all that i wanted to and prayed that i could speak smoothly, I DID!! I wasn't nervous anymore and i was speaking like i never thought i could AND YES i even looked up everyone once in a while which is big cuz i don't like seeing all those people looking straight at me HAHAHA!! At the end i started bearing my testimony and i had done good to keep back tears and then at the end i started to cry so i hurried and ended before it got out of control. Well with the great holding back the tears the song God Be With You Tell We Meet Again was the closing song. AND HOLY COW WHY DID THEY HAVE TO PICK THAT SONG!!! GEEZE i mean were they trying to kill me or something? So tears started to come then and i couldn't sing and i couldn't look at family or friends or i would cry even more. It was quite the moment! Afterwards there was so much people who wanted to come say congrats and good job and what not! So many that they kicked us out of the chapel lol! Ok they had choir practice so i said follow the leader and all of the people followed HAHAHA!! Then it was time for the luncheonwhich went PERFECT THANKS TO THE WONDERFUL PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS AND FAMILY I HAVE!! I think everyone liked the food so it went great! i got lots of pix and got to see everyone again so it was great! Now all i have to do is get past one more farewell and i will be dandy! But the next farewell also means that i have THREE more days tell i leave! HOW SCARY!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


OH MAN!!!! It was a very exciting day a few days ago in the Clark family! I got my mission call to Boston Massachusetts. AHHHHHHH I KNOW CRAZY!!!!! I was just shaking with so much nerves as I read my call aloud. I first started by reading Dear Elder Clark and then like on The Singles Ward show I went...Elder clark THATS SO COOL!!! HAHAHA That was kick to everyone. I then preceded to read that I will be serving in Boston Massachusetts and everyone FREAKED!!! This is not just an oh my gosh kinda freak out this is a HOLY MACHAROLE WHAT THE CRAZY OH OH OH OH OH OH MY!!!! Yes I guess I really am that old. A mission will be coming my way in about a month and a half! I of course am SO EXCITED!!! I have heard boston is great but I am also nervous and very sad about having to miss my family and be away from home for that long. WHAT AN INTENSE TIME IN MY LIFE! Its so weird to think that I will be on my mission out preachin and teaching and doing as those missionaries do in Boston Massachusetts mission. What a hard time but such a builder it is going to be. What support and love i have though and i am so grateful for that, that is what will keep me pushing and goin out everyday even when life is just not going so great! BOSTON MASSACHUSETTES HERE I COME!!! WOOP WOOP!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

livin the life!

Yes it has been an extremely long time but I honestly have not had any time! I only have about ten minutes to do this blog before I have to go to work so this will be really quick! I just wanted to show you guys what I have been up to these past days, weeks, months. Its been a crazy ride but I have loved every second of this busy life of mine. College has been great plus EXTREMELYHARD and Halloween is coming up WOOP WOOP!! I can't wait!

The top pictures are from homecoming week which was a complete BLAST and the bottom two are from my fantastic halloween idea the before and after picture like they do in the infomercials ;)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

St. George

Sorry no pictures in this one! Anyways me and my tennis team went up to St. George for our Dual in the Desert tourny and well it was a pretty interesting trip. Let me just say the weather was SO GLORIUS!!! That is one of the main reason i did not want to come back to Ephraim. The weather was nice and warm and just PERFECT! The tourny went on for friday and saturday. Friday went great....for me anyways, my team not so much. We played a 3A school and two 4A schools so these guys were good. Well i won my first match agains the 3A and then i won and lost to the two 4A schools so that was good i did the best out of my team and felt SUPERB!!! We woke up so early for our matches on saturday. We ate breakfast at the hotel and went straight over to our match. We played another 4A school. It was some brutal games for the team. Most of the games LIKE MINE went into tie breakers and were so stinkin close. I lost. :( I won the first set 6-2 then lost 4-6 then lost in the third set in the tie breaker 8-10 so i was mad but still glad that i did somewhat of a good job. Well since the team lost we went to our last match against Gunnison and we all won. I won 6-0 6-0 but it was against a jv who was playing his first real match so not so much room to talk but i still felt great that i could come out with the win. It was a BLAST in St. George I loved it and wish we could have stayed up there longer! Hopefully their weather comes down here! SOON!!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


My ym and yw's had a blast this past Friday! We had an activity that was for sure going to be fun. For the activity we went to the Draper Temple open house. It was SO amazing. One of the rooms had an amazing amazing chandelier! It was ginormous and it was really shiny and sparkly. Everyone in the whole group could not seem to stop looking at it. It was one of those "awe" moments. After the temple we went to the Jazz game. But first we were starving so we stopped to get a bite to eat just knowing that we could get a whole meal for less at someplace other than the Energy Solutions Place. After eating we were off to the game. Now when you think of Nose bleed sections what do you think? Well lets just say we were at the very tippity top row. We could actually see the detail and screws in the ceiling, I KNOW CRAZY!!! I wondered how we were getting oxygen up so high. :)! It was an awesome night filled with all sorts of excitement. Kinda like this dare that we got one of my friends to do!
After the exciting game. OH by the way if you didn't see it THE JAZZ WON THE NUGGETS!! Anyways after the game we went home and it was REALLY LATE we were all tired so i put my FOAM FINGER away and went straight to bed. But it was an awesome night. It will never be forgotten!